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Breakfast Bio from 7:30 to 9:30

Zero mile supply chain

Bio, vegan and gluten free

Homemade bakery

In the morning, the fragrance of freshly baked cakes spreads to every corner.

We prepare sweets and savory delicacies – also Vegan and Gluten Free – such as cakes, biscuits, sweet and savory strudel, and we buy bread and flat bread from a trusted baker. For cured meats and cheeses, jams and honey, fruit and vegetables, we turn to local companies. There is no shortage of scrambled eggs, pancakes

sandwiches, fruit juices and self-service cafeteria.

Do you want to have breakfast at a

Zero mile supply chain

Bio, vegan and gluten free

Homemade bakery

Snacks and aperitifs

If, upon returning from a day on the slopes or from an excursion, you want a genuine snack, or to sip an aperitif, simply ask!

We prepare sweet and savory snacks for you such as strudel, biscuits, pizzas, toast, to be accompanied with soft drinks and long drinks, or with coffee, tea, herbal teas and chocolate

Affiliated restaurants

For your lunches and dinners, we can suggest 3 nearby addresses, which apply special agreements to our guests.

The first is 80 meters away and you can order a complete menu for € 20; if you love a more refined cuisine, there is a high-level restaurant 500 meters away (10% discount); to enjoy homemade dishes, there is a refuge just 2 km away (10% discount).

Alternatively, you can order a pizza and eat it here: we’ll go and get it for you.

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